Some features are available as In-App purchase. The basic version of the app allows to control one system directly with two devices, all the features can be tested at no charge for one month excepted the multipage functionality.

iPhone, iPad, portrait or landscape

The app run on any iOS device and any device orientation.

Direct connection to a Vera system

You can connect directly to your Vera system via his local IP address.

Connection trough the servers of “Vera Control, Ltd.”

You can also remotely connect via the Cloud in using your credentials of the servers of “Vera Control, Ltd.”

Several systems and several accounts

Manage simultaneously devices controlled by different Vera systems registred on several accounts.

Customizable background

Draw yourself the floorplan of your home or simply use a picture and define it as background and put on the top your devices.

Several pages

Use as many as you like pages to control your home, by exemple one page per room.

Place freely the devices icons

Put the device icon where you like on the page. You can choose between several icons and also the size of the icon.

Easy control

Just tap the icon to trigger an action, like switching on or off a device or watching the camera.

iBeacon control

Define actions where you iOS device enter or exit an iBeacon controlled region.